A little bit about Karin

Hi!  Welcome to EverPhi,

My name is Karin Durand an unconditional lover of my family, and all kind of nature in here and out there. I currently live in Texas with my husband Chris and our canine sweet girl Ida.

From my early twenties I began my career as an adviser in financial and wealth management institutions.  After thirteen years working for the financial industry,  I decided to leave my homeland Chile and from there,  I have visited and lived in different beautiful places within South America, Turkey and the mesmerizing island of Cyprus. 

In all those years I learned a wide diversity of cultures, and I started paying more attention to the wonders of nature and appreciated every singularly on it.

My first introduction to the holistic world was through aromatherapy.  I was so amazed by the benefits that essential oils offer that I decided to learn even more about them,  which led me to obtain my first certification as an aromatherapist.  At the same time, I began the creation of my website www.everphi.com. 

Today, I am dedicated to help my clients as a Holistic Health Practitioner and, Body Healing and Life Coach.  I do focus in the importance that a healthy whole -mind, body and spirit- plays in our individual wellness, emphasizing in the balance and well-being of our physique as a key in this process.

I use several therapy tools as: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), neurolinguistic programming (NLP), mindfulness, emotional freedom technique (EFT), herbal medicine, homeopathy, aromatherapy and others.  

Besides my practice as an online coach, I also provide online holistic health consultations with -if needed- custom aromatic products, herbal medicine and homeopathic medicine advice.   

To learn more about my holistic health services visit the following link: Holistic Health Coaching and Consultations.

Enjoy your tour at EverPhi and stay connected for new updates!

Best wishes,

Karin Durand.

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